A Bilingual Education – enhances the learning of all students


The benefits of learning another language are well-established in Australia.

Improves overall performance at school

Studies show that bilingual and multilingual children outperform other children who speak only one language. Academic results indicate this is especially true in reading, vocabulary and maths.

According to research, the best time to start learning a second language is early in life. At Ming-De International School Toowoomba, all students have the opportunity to learn in a bilingual teaching environment from Prep-Year 6 in both English and Chinese. For students who do not speak Standardised Australian English as their first language, they are supported to learn and build on the English language skills needed to access the general curriculum and to demonstrate achievement.

For all students, they benefit from learning in an environment that:

Enhances literacy skills

Children develop a better understanding of English when they study a new language. They become more aware of grammar, conjugation and sentence structures. This helps them understand how English works, enhances their comprehension and accelerates their ability to read and write.

Improves memory and brain function

Learning a language strengthens the area of the brain which is responsible for memory, speech and sensory perception. Bilingual people are better at retaining lists, sequences, names and directions. They are also more creative, perceptive and can concentrate for longer.

Helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills

Learning a language enables children to analyse information and solve problems better as they can select relevant information and ignore irrelevant or misleading information. They become more rational and objective decision makers.

Fosters respect and understanding of other cultures

Learning a new language nurtures curiosity and openness in children. They become aware of new cultures and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of other people and customs that are different to their own. As they develop their language fluency, they increase their ability to communicate across cultures and interact positively with people from other countries.

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