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Ming-De International School founded in the vision of Venerable Master Chin Kung

Venerable Master Chin Kung, AM(1927-2022) is the permanent spiritual mentor of Amitabha Buddhist societies and associations and Pure Land centres around the world, and the permanent honorary president for the Association of Master Chin Kung’s Friends at UNESCO. Throughout his life, he dedicated himself to religious education and the teachings of traditional Chinese culture. With traditional cultural teachings as the core, he promoted honesty and sincerity as social values, and lectured about the need for justice and propriety as cornerstones of a country.

The Venerable Master Chin Kung developed close ties with Australia and, in particular the city of Toowoomba where the Pure Land Learning College Association was founded in 2001 and where he was appointed as an honorary citizen in 2002. For his achievements in building interfaith harmony and fostering peace, he was awarded honorary doctorate degrees and professorships by the University of Queensland, Griffith University, and the University of Southern Queensland. He is the Honorary Founding Patron of the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Queensland.

In 2005, Venerable Master Chin Kung was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division by Queen Elizabeth II. He was recognized for service to the Buddhist community in Queensland, particularly in the propagation of Buddhism and the fostering of interfaith activities between diverse ethnic groups, and to the community through his support for educational and health institutions.

The central theme of Master Chin Kung’s teachings was an abiding message of loving kindness and compassion for all beings, as he dedicated himself to help all beings attain long lasting happiness and joy.

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