Philosophy 我們的教育理念

The philosophy of Ming-De International School Toowoomba Inc (Ming-De) is based on providing our students with a learning atmosphere that will enrich not just their minds, but to be the best person they can be.


We believe that our students are valuable members of society and recognize that all young people deserve a positive educational experience, one which will motivate and inspire them to reach their full potential.


Our aim is to foster spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development in each student through participation in programs of study and other activities appropriate to their diverse needs, abilities and aspirations in order to foster the core values of Sinology and the teachings of the Buddha.


Ming-De believes that all young people have unique attributes and strengths that should be celebrated by allowing them to enjoy and be challenged through learning.


Our community believes that educational opportunities should help young people to develop a sense of pride and respect (for self and others), challenge them to broaden their horizons (socially, emotionally and academically) and realize their dreams of finding their place in an ever-changing global society.



Aims 我們的教育目標:

Working within the Australian Education System and the goals of the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration and the National Goals, Ming-De is committed to promoting excellence and equality in our education to:


  1. Commit to promoting excellence and quality teaching values through the use of the Australian Education system


  2. Create successful young Australians to become successful learners, respectful, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens in their community.


  3. Provide equal access to quality education to all students regardless of race, gender, or culture


  4. Assist any students for whom mainstream education does not meet their spiritual needs by improving their spiritual and educational outcomes.


  5. Assist students to reach their full potential; by providing a nurturing environment


  6. Create learning that will be meaningful to the students, with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking; personal and social development; and moral and intercultural understanding


  7. Help students to develop a strong connection and sense of belonging in the community by building a school culture that encourages students to actively participate in learning and school activities


  It is the aim of Ming-De that our students will have respect for self and others, and be confident, enthusiastic and creative learners. We hope our students will:


  1. Embrace the principles of Sinology and the teachings of the Buddha in their daily living


  2. Be committed to an active and healthy lifestyle, one which respects all living things and the environment


  3. Be knowledgeable and prepared for further learning as they continue on their educational journey.


  4. Contribute to the social and environmental well-being of the local and global communities and accept the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


  5. Lead by example, embracing the tenets of Guidelines for Being a Good Person’